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If you want a great marriage, coasting is not an option. HFM provides a place to get the tools and inspiration needed to thrive in marriage. Our premise is that everyone wants a fulfilling marriage but many have given up believing it is possible.

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“Ty and Terri led a great workshop on marriage. Through their workshop I was able to understand how to meet my husband’s needs, which has helped us to have a deeper and more meaningful relationship with each other and with God.”


We loved being married and want others to have a rockin’ marriage. That said, marriage is hard and that fact is a curve ball for most. We have learned a thing or two in 28 years and want to pay it forward. We use 7 building blocks to lay a strong foundation, everyday. 

Our 7 Building Blocks

Settle Difficult Decisions Early

John Maxwell says that the most successful people are those who settle difficult decisions early and then manage those decisions. In our HFM workshops we’ve identified some “difficult decisions.”

Gunny Sacking

It’s so easy to stuff deep down in our hearts wounds, offenses, rejection, and disappointment. The most important thing we can do is take care of our hearts (Proverbs 4:23). When we stuff we begin to fill up our hearts, aka: Gunny Sacking. 

Fidelity Fences

Healthy individuals as well as couples are proactive in establishing boundaries between them and choices that bring harm to them and their marriage.

Resolving Conflict

This is a challenge for all couples.  Conflict is a part of every marriage and how you handle it will greatly determine the health of your marriage.  Everyone deals with conflict, but not everyone knows how to resolve conflict. 

Deposits and Withdrawals

In financial terms the goal is to get in the black, to make more deposits than withdrawals. Some people are wealthy, way in the black. Some individuals are paupers, way in debt… poor. HFM workshops help couples identify what a “deposit” and “withdrawal” looks like for one’s own heart as well as marriage. 

Sexual Intimacy

When couples do the hard work of “resolving conflict”, “communication”, making more deposits than withdrawals…you get the point, the scene is set for wonderful, fulfilling sexual intimacy. 


It’s quite important to forgive as the offenses occur in one’s marriage. We call it “keeping short accounts”. In other words, not letting a day come to an end without seeking forgiveness and/or extending forgiveness. By doing this, couples experience increased love and unity when “forgiveness” becomes lifestyle in marriage.

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“Ty and Terri do a wonderful job sharing their experience of  hope in strengthening their own marriage through faith, and they do it with humor and great transparency. Laughter is important!”